Janejira Damron is a Thai American artist and costume designer. She is addicted to the thrill of making beautiful garments. "I don't feel discouraged by competition. The world always has room for more costumes and the appreciation for fantastic costume work is universal."

Janejira has been accustomed to wearing costumes since she was three years old thanks to her background as a traditional Thai dancer.  "perhaps that was what sprouted my Love for the craft."


Lauren Scoville is a patron, performer, and producer of Art and video production. Fed up with the continuous cycle of nothing that was her retail experience she found herself always back to creating Art.

Lauren majored in both Music and Drama at Highline Community College, as well as BYU, where she took many Art, Music, and Theater classes to hone her style and craft.

Over the years she starred and co-starred in numerous plays and short films--plus an extra in two feature films. She has diligently learned behind the scenes skills of both. From writing, script supervision to running live audio and even prop-making, She's done just about everything. 

Opening and running a video production studio was just the next logical step. 


Matt has studied business management and financial negotiations at Highline

Community College while performing in the drama department. He has starred in “Live from the Last Night of your Life”. As well as performing in supporting roles in a handful of other productions.

After College Matt continued his Acting and producing jobs on several video and stage productions. In 2016 he founded Glass Iris Studios (productions) with Lauren Scoville. Together they have produced videos for political front runners, restaurants and self-produced shorts.