About Politically Motivated

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Politically Motivated is an original sketch comedy show created by Glass Iris Studios. 

The intent of the show is to educate viewers about American History and humanize the Founding Fathers and other historical figures that were involved. History classes taught in public schools leave out several details. Politically Motivated is not afraid to highlight those details!

As of now the series has launched its Pilot and is in the process of fundraising for the remainder of the season. The donate link will direct you to the IndieGogo Campaign 

Episode 1: No Parties!

Like what you see? Help us keep the series alive. Your contribution will ensure that our talent and production receive the compensation they deserve and that our wardrobe and props keep the production value at its highest. 


A little bit goes a long way. Even if we are unable to reach our goal of $15,000, your contribution will go towards making our series the best it can be!


The donate link will direct you to the IndieGogo Campaign